• Concept Design and Project Development

    • Expressing Construction Job
    • Analyzing General Conditions
    • Defining User Requirements
    • Space Organisation Concept
    • Functional Concept
    • Project Design
    • Material Concept
    • Cost Estimate

    Development of a specific project solution as a result of optimization of all user requirements and project requirements.

  • Approval Process

    • Building License (Planning for Submission)
    • Approvals for Employment Laws (Depending on Requirements)
    • Approvals for Business Authorities (Depending on Requirements)

    Necessary research and clarification, drawings and descriptions as well as negotiating with authorities.

  • Planning and Awarding of Construction Contracts

    • Final and Detail Planning
    • Bill of Quantities
    • Calling for Tenders
    • Negotiating with Tenders
    • Cost Input
    • Space and Facility List
    • Time Schedule
    • Statics and Construction

    Fully developed work as well as presentation of the object including special planning. Firm authorization through computer supported calling for tenders and order letting as basis for cost monitoring during construction phase.

  • Construction and Project Process

    • Building Supervision of Carcass, Interior Construction, Technical Extension, Electrical Engineering including Telecommunication, Technical Equipment
    • Handing over the construction
    • Deficiency Statements and Supervision of Deficiency Corrections

    Supervision of whole construction process until turnkey handover, coordination of firms and planners, control of construction in commercial and legal as well as technical and artistic aspects, advisory and representation of the client in negotiations with authorities and firms, auditing, taking over and handling construction.

  • Publications and Publicity

    • Publication in Professional Journals and Reference Books
    • Reports in Daily News
    • Reviews and Lectures
    • Reports and Features in Radio and Television, depending on possibilities