The project is inspired on the design of a woodshed, as depicted on the typical Tyrolean warehouse. From this model, the project aims for the feeling of security and harmony as well as clearness in the organization of functions, grouped in order to optimize of the work flow. The shape of the courtyards brings homogeneous light to the restoration workshops and to the research areas.
The shape of the building is as simple as possible, elegantly integrated on the landscape. The horizontal long façade is inspired on woodsheds, but it can be also seen as an interpretation of the logo of the Tyrolean State Museum – a subtle incorporation of the corporate identity, but as the same time, emphasizing a very typical feature from this region.

Understanding an archive as an institution responsible for protecting and preserving its contents, the building has a compact and introverted design, with a clear but simple presence from the outside but with a variety of spaces developed on the inside. On the exterior side, the project looks like a simple wooden cube - a treasure box. The wooden slats are extended, partially protecting the window panes. This gesture strengthens its compact and protective character and simultaneously works as an important passive solar protection system.

The spatial and functional program is implemented in a clear and optimized way. Compact construction methods, short routes, clear structure and simple shapes are the guiding principles of the design. These themes can also be observed on the volumetric s of the building: a compact rectangular object with cut out courtyards and outwardly, with the appearance of a wooden box. However, within its walls, the valuable cultural assets are well protected, inside this “Tyrolean treasure chest ".

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  • Competition


  • Culture & Education


  • Open Competition


  • Alfred Bramberger
  • Sahar Arjomand Bigdely
  • Christoph Schermann
  • Hermann Sturmberger
  • Cristina Lorente Cabello


  • Model © Bramberger [architects] (Nr. 1)
  • Site plan © Bramberger [architects] (Nr. 2)
  • South facade and section AA' © Bramberger [architects] (Nr. 3)
  • West facade and section BB' © Bramberger [architects] (Nr. 4)
  • Model © Bramberger [architects] (Nr. 5)