Alte Universität Graz: Main Hall © Paul OttAlte Universität Graz: Bar © Paul OttAlte Universität Graz: Interior courtyard © Paul OttAlte Universität Graz: Interior view © Paul Ott

Alte Universität Graz

Event Center Styria
Graz, Austria


The Old University building, from the 17th century, changed throughout the times its function. After being used as an auditorium, a library and finally a storage room of the Styrian Archives, the Old University was to be redesigned to serve as a meeting center of the region of Styria, to be used mainly for representation purposes.
The transfer of both function and the meaning of the building occurs by a transformation of the interior space. One of the main themes of the project to use architecture and artistic process in order to improve the quality of the spaces, adjusted to its new purposes and to its historical significance.
The main challenge of this project was to identify and enhance the historical features of the building while adjusting it to the contemporary requirements of its new purpose. The integration of the new function in an historical structure is the central theme in this project and it is an outstanding example of how it is possible to adapt an existing building to present-day functions while preserving and bringing out its historic meaning and grandiosity.

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  • Completed


  • Culture & Education, Interior, Revitalisation


  • LIG Landesimmobiliengesellschaft Steiermark


  • Alfred Bramberger
  • Iryna Gasyanets
  • Sven Kremer
  • Roswitha Küng-Freiberger
  • Andreas Reiter
  • Wilfried Strobl
  • Ulrike Pircher
  • Martin Küng

    Domestic Engineering

  • Die Haustechniker TB GmbH

    Electrical Engineering

  • Die Haustechniker TB GmbH

    Kitchen Planning

  • Wilhelm Fritsch

    Building Physics

  • Rosenfelder & Höfler GmbH
  • Vatter & Höfler OEG


  • Manfred Petschnigg

    Site Supervision

  • Ing. Hans Waldhör

    Gross Building Area

  • 2.700m²


  • 2003-09


  • 2005-04


  • 8.500.000 EUR


  • Main Hall © Paul Ott (Nr. 1)
  • Bar © Paul Ott (Nr. 2)
  • Interior courtyard © Paul Ott (Nr. 3)
  • Interior view © Paul Ott (Nr. 4)